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Few words about Mr. Muyi

- Muyiwa Sowemimo -

Principal's Profile

Education took place on a Nigerian and international horizon. Leading on to law degree in 1993 from Cardiff College School of Law, University of Wales. Going on to Essex University for Post Grad Certification in Political Science (PGCE) and Masters in International Relations (MA). Then into the professional employment world first as intern associate of Peng, Gauthier & Leitner, Strategic Consultants, operating in London, UK. A consultancy firm with international associated networks of international lawyers, political scientists, and, other professionals engaged in servicing international organisations and enterprises. Followed by a year of Nigerian national service with Legal Department of Petroleum Trust Fund, a domestic DFI.

Professional legal services became a full time pre occupation after further intern with world class corporate Nigerian law firm of Banwo & Ighadalo. Followed with employment at the celebrated law firm of Fani-Kayode & Sowemimo (FKS, estb. 1972). FKS as founded by two exceptional legal luminaries (who later combined individual styled public affairs alongside already flourishing legal practice, and, achieved successes in both fields, including, in world of political affairs, as bridge builders between South, and, North national front politicians). The partnership of FKS having dissolved at demise of the founders, and, though survived by Sobo Sowemimo & Co. MS & Co was formed with the intention of the Principal Partner to re position Sobo Sowemimo & Co locally with an outward looking, international new business wing embodied in MS & Co.

In human interaction, and, communal societies generally, there are unfortunately fall outs. Fall outs happen not only in private sector but public private sector relationship dealings as well as in interplay of personal human relationships. As regrettable as such fall outs can be. The reality then again is we do not live in a perfect world but highly competitive and, challenging lifestyles.